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Roughage without the rough edge!

Yeah, some think of vegan and vegetarian cuisine as mere “rabbit food”. We’re here to slap some sense to those dormant, ignorant taste buds!   

Introducing Roughage Eatery, where everything’s fresher than fresh...we're talking ingredients, not how we act behind the scenes (although we have been known to be equally sweet and spicy… and occasionally potty mouths).   

We love preparing good food – what we call “comfort vegan” - and sharing what we make. Food that doesn't look or taste...well, boring. Think a rainbow of colours, inspired by cuisines around the globe. Flavours both simple and delightfully complex, dancing a tantalizing taste bud tango. Hey, life is short, so you might as well fill your eyes and stomach with something you’ll enjoy.     

We're creating new twists on vegan dishes… like Lasagna Rolls,
Pot Pies, Asian Dumplings, just to name a few… even the humble sandwich gets a makeover!   

In short, just damn good food. From a damn good cook (the other's just short and cranky, but lovable nonetheless). 

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Roughage Eatery

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